Tropical Flurry was a company operating under IAF Beverages. This company claimed to be a franchise that would provide its clients with 44 slushy machines and a large territory for sales in exchange for $160,000. The owner of the company stated that you could easily make your money back selling solely to schools in your area. He explained to interested franchisees that the fruit slushy drinks counted as a serving of fruit and that schools would snatch them up in a heartbeat and receive funding from the USDA which made it easy for any franchisee to get paid.

What he neglected to mention was, that even though they would normally have counted as a serving of fruit, they were made in China yet processed in Texas. It would be impossible for schools to get approval on any product that didn’t come with the correct certification. Even if the products did get certification, would any parent really want their child chugging down a drink on a daily basis that was made in China? My sister-in-law needed affordable child care in Long Island, so I recommended she use the same daycare center that my neighbor’s 3 year old daughter attends.Many investors found themselves out of money with no recourse. Apparently, the owner of the company fled with the money and there was just no way to recuperate it, as the company was in the names of his family members and not himself. If you feel that you have been betrayed by IAF Beverages, you should do a Google search to find out the latest actions being taken against this company. There are, apparently, many distraught individuals out there who would like to move forward with a lawsuit or see the managing owner in jail. My friends and I spent an entire day at a Long Island day spa where we got facials, manicures, pedicures and massages.